About us
About Rangers

Rangers Relocation started since the early of 2010. Made by Jay and his friends. We are all have many years experiences of relocation. When the economic crisis  went away, we started to run our own company “Rangers Relocation”. Our dream is “to make easy move for every shipper”. We want to make everyone always smile during the whole move. For now we only have 2 Jinbei vans and 2 cover trucks. But we have a partner which can provide more vehicles. 480 sqm formal warehouse, 24 hours security system, has created a comfortable, safe, secure storage environment. 12 packers would finish more than 70 cbm workload per day. We will keep growing up, to make happy move for more persons. We are the member of Moverworldwide, it gave us a very good network. We can help you to move all around the world, and the destination agent will give you also the best service cause of we are in the same group. Give us a chance to help you, for sure you will never feel disappointed. Trust Rangers, deserve the best.

About Logo

Rangers has a very beautiful Logo with green color. It also has a great sense. 2 pines standing on the letters, and sending messages. Green is the best color in many people’s mind. It means those natural, environmental, safety and health. Look at the letters carefully, it seems like a Chinese dragon boat. We will use the Chinese dragon boat to ship natural, environmental, safety and health to all around the world, and the pines sending this to everywhere, to make more people know Rangers is a very good Relocation company. How about the sense of our Logo? Hope you have better explanation, and send it to me. I would be very grateful.